About Us

The Martracon Group was founded in Limassol, Cyprus in 1993. Since then the Group has steadily expanded and now consists of the following companies:

Martracon Shipmanagement LTD


Martracon Crew Management LTD


Martracon Crewmanagement GmbH


Martracon Deutschland LTD


The core business of the Martracon Group is crew management where we provide our clients with professional crew from all over the world. Currently the group employs over 500 seafarers on board at a time who are all individually selected according to the clients needs whilst also accommodating any special requirements such as vessels flag, trading area or type (e.g. container, general cargo, RoRo, offshore vessels or tankers). Providing such tailor-made solutions, we have the capability to offer our clients a complete service with a selection of crew ranging from the Captain all the way to a Messman or Cadet.

We offer our customers a package solution which incorporates bringing crew members onboard worldwide, fully equipped with documents, papers and work clothes. Our geographic spread is further guaranteed by global partners, providing our clients the security that our full service is always in their close vicinity.

We as Martracon are a family owned and run business, independent from any Shipping company which is why we can concentrate and focus specifically on our client’s vessels and their exact needs.


Otto J. Boerger

Founder / Managing Director

The founder of the company, Mr. Otto Boerger, has been in shipping since the beginning of the 1980s. Prior to entering the shipping business he completed his studies with a diploma in Controlling and in Industrial/Business law.

Living in Cyprus he established the company in 1993. From then on the company grew steadily and now mostly has customers in North Europe and the Mediterranean. With his son Philipp entering the company in October 2013, Otto Boerger took the next step to continue the companies expansion and modernisation.

Philipp J. Boerger

Managing Director

Mr. Philipp Boerger was born in Meppen, Germany in 1986. He spent his childhood years in Cyprus prior to moving to Hamburg where he completed his International Baccalaureate at the International School of Hamburg in 2004. During the next year he gathered experience as a cadet at sea and working at Martracon until commencing his studies at Plymouth University in 2005. In 2008 he graduated with an honours degree of Bachelor of Science in Maritime Business with Maritime Law. His dissertation analysed the European crewing market and the future developments and was awarded the AMRIE Prize for the best dissertation on a European Maritime Issue. Directly after his studies he started his working career as a Ship Sales and Purchase broker in Hamburg, Germany. After over five years in this segment he moved on to join the family business.